Wisdom and Grace


Auto Scripture: 
Psalm 90:12; Luke 11:1; Psalm 45:17; Psalm 90:1; Revelation 7:3; Psalm 39:5; Isaiah 23:15; Leviticus 11:32; Ecclesiastes 2:23; Job 17:7; Psalm 90:9; Psalm 102:3; Psalm 58:8; Psalm 90:17; Hosea 14:3; Isaiah 40:8;
Teach us to number our days
That we may apply our hearts to Your ways
Teach us to number our days
with wisdom and grace.

You've been our home and our dwelling
our place in all generations.
Before the earth or the mountains were formed,
Lord, You were God.

Now the span of our lives,
It is made of sorrow and labor
As the days pass away like the grass
How soon we are gone.

O establish the work of our hands,
set Your favor upon us.
O establish the word of our hands,
May Your kingdom come!