Our Song in the Night


Auto Scripture: 
Psalm 77:6; Ezekiel 32:30; Obadiah 1:3; Nehemiah 9:8; Nehemiah 9:10; Jeremiah 34:15; 2 Kings 19:22; Isaiah 37:23; Psalm 44:3; 2 Kings 6:19; Jonah 1:13; Psalm 20:9;
In the darkness, can you hear us?
When the night comes, are we alone?
Have you forgotten all of your children?
When we remember you how we groan
But our hearts cannot be silent

God, be our song in the night
when the light is gone
God, be our joy, be our strength
Be our sheltering place
Our song in the night

We are broken-- are we forsaken?
Has your love gone down with the sun?
And your mercy through all history,
Is it abandoned and undone?
Oh our hearts cannot be silent

Your road, it led me down to the Red Sea
The waters trembled, and you made a way
You raised Your arm and led them to dry land
Lord, will You hear us when we say
That our hearts cannot be silent