The Lord Reigns

CCLI Song Number 4659820


Auto Scripture: 
Psalm 21:13; 1 Chronicles 16:31; Psalm 96:11; Isaiah 64:2; Acts 4:25; Psalm 2:1;
The Lord Reigns

Chorus 1
The Lord reigns
The Lord reigns
The Lord reigns
We will sing and shout
You reign
You reign
You reign
Forever King of all

Verse 1
The Lord reigns
Let the people shout
He reigns in righteousness
Let the heavens be glad
Let the earth rejoice the Lord reigns
Let the people clap their hands angels shout
The redeemed have come to dance to celebrate
To celebrate He reigns

Misc 1
Let all the people sing of
Your awesome pow'r in all the earth
Let darkness tremble at Your Name
Why do the nations rage when
The King is on His throne
Now and forever You will reign
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