Your Kingdom Until Then

CCLI Song Number 7075663



Matthew 6:9-13; Matthew 26:42; Matthew 28:18-20;
Auto Scripture: 
Matthew 3:16; Isaiah 49:18; Psalm 47:8; Isaiah 65:17; Nehemiah 2:17; 1 Samuel 17:9; Psalm 48:10; Jeremiah 31:12; Acts 12:7; Mark 5:4; 2 Samuel 15:6; John 15:27; Numbers 10:32; Proverbs 1:14; Proverbs 17:2; 1 Corinthians 13:10; Isaiah 17:9; 1 Corinthians 15:22; Ezekiel 16:37; Revelation 3:12; Revelation 21:2;
Verse 1
We will see the holy city
Come descending like a bride
With the Lamb of glory seated on His throne
A new earth and a new heaven
With it's gates thrown open wide
When the King of Zion comes to claim His own

Chorus 1
Till Your kingdom comes in power
Saints and angels shout amen
Father we will be Your kingdom
Be Your kingdom until then

Verse 2
Then the Son will raise a scepter
Filled with righteousness and peace
Saying there is no more sorrow no more night
And the chains will all be broken
No more hunger no disease
Only freedom when the darkness turns to light

Verse 3
Let us be a holy nation
Known for justice and for grace
Let our love and mercy testify for You
We will share the hope of Jesus
Until all will see His face
When the Perfect comes and all will be made new

Chorus 2
Till You gather all Your children
In the new Jerusalem
Father we will be Your kingdom
Be Your kingdom until then
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