The Narrative Lectionary Added

I've always been a big fan of the Old Testament--the stories showing God's power and patience, and the faith and failings of His people. These always caught my imagination and I never understood why so many thought of it as intimidating.

The Narrative Lectionary was created by professors at Luther Seminary in order to have readings throughout the year that focus on stories; on the narrative of God and His people, of His love and their missing the mark, and of His redemptive plan to restore them and bring them under his arms again. Each autumn the readings are from the Old Testament and in the spring they are from the New. The summers are left unscripted for each congregation to focus on other readings.

Many thanks to one of Word to Worship's users for letting me know about this and requesting I add it. I pray it will aid all those already using the lectionary and encourage others to take a look. Read more about the lectionary at, join the Facebook group to join in the discussion, or try it out right here on Word to Worship.


Rich Shields's picture

We began using the Narrative Lectionary in September 2012. It has been a true blessing for our church.

Steve Partlow's picture

My church will begin to use it this Sunday. I'm excited to see how it goes.

stewartfenters's picture

This is such a valuable resource. I grew up in the Episcopal church, and sometime the lectionary readings were split in ways that cut out important parts of the story, and it was confusing! This puts the story in its proper place: in entirety!