Blessed Is The One

CCLI Song Number 5146600
Psalm 84:12;
Auto Scripture: 
Jeremiah 17:5; Psalm 84:12; Isaiah 40:20; Hosea 7:2; Psalm 20:3; Jonah 4:8; Luke 16:11;
Verse 1
Blessed is the one who trusts You
Like a tree that cannot be moved
You say jump to arms wide open
I am scared but I am willing

For blessed is the one
Blessed is the one who trusts You

(You), faithful, just and good
Shepherd of my heart
Lead me to where You are

Verse 2
And I remember all Your goodness
Suffering through the desert places
You never said it would be easy
You just promised you'd be with me

Chorus 2
You, who holds my destiny
I'll follow foolishly
Your love will be my song

So I will trust You
I will trust You in the pain
When I can't see past today
When it's hard to lift my
hands to praise You, I will trust You
5 146 600