You Deserve

CCLI Song Number 5029978
Isaiah 35:5,John 1:4-5;
Auto Scripture: 
Judges 11:9; John 9:30; Galatians 5:17; Exodus 16:23;
Verse 1
What is this love given to us
That saved my life through selfless sacrifice
Although we fail the cross prevails
Forgiveness stands You take me back again

You've shown me life
You've opened my eyes
So I give You my praise yeah I give You my all
You showed me life
You opened my eyes
To the truth that there's no greater love

Chorus 1
Now in the darkness
God's light shines
Christ forever glorified
So come on come on sing out to God
Now with all we've got
We live for You our God

Verse 2
Salvation's strong in Christ alone
The Saviour King alone in victory
I step aside give You my life
For You to move do what You want to do

I can't imagine life without You
Without You
'Cause it's all for You
Yeah it's all for You God

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