CCLI Song Number 5564457


Mt 26:7-12; Mk 14:3-8; Lik 7:37-46; John 11:2; Jn 12:3-7;
Auto Scripture: 
Genesis 44:30; Job 30:6; Proverbs 16:29; Numbers 22:24; Nehemiah 8:5; Luke 4:17;

Chorus 1
Broken I come to Your throne
Bringing all of my heart to the God I adore
Broken I'll give the best of me
Like the costly perfume poured on my Savior's feet
Broken broken blessed are the broken

Verse 1
In fields of love
Through streams of grace
With the warmth of heaven glowing on my face
Over the cliffs of doubt
Beyond the sea of despair
On a tree of forgiveness
I saw You hanging there
Broken broken

Verse 2
Along the way of the world
Down a path of pride
I met Your perfect love and my heart broke inside
In the streets of gold
As the angels sang
You opened the book of life
And You called out my name
Broken broken broken

Verse 3
Behind every trial
Before the answer comes
Beneath the weight of this mountain
Your hand holds me up
So I'll pray with faith
In sweet pain I sing
It is well with my soul
Because I've met the King

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