The Bells of St. Mary's


Auto Scripture: 
Zechariah 14:20; Numbers 13:33; Jeremiah 13:20; Genesis 34:28; 2 Samuel 5:18; 2 Samuel 5:22; Jeremiah 20:10; Ezekiel 40:40; 1 Kings 7:7; 1 Kings 7:12; 1 Kings 7:21; 2 Chronicles 15:8; Colossians 4:16;
The bells of St. Mary's
Ah! hear they are calling
The young loves, the true loves
Who come from the sea

And so, my beloved
When red leaves are falling
The love bells shall ring out
Ring out for you and me

The bells of St. Mary's
At sweet even time
Shall call me, beloved
To come to your side

And out in the valley
In sound of the sea
I know you'll be waiting
Yes, waiting for me

At the porch of St. Mary's
I'll wait there for you
In your soft wedding dress
With its ribbons of blue

In the church of St. Mary's
Sweet voices shall sing
For you and me, dearest
The wedding bells ring