CCLI Song Number 7102398
Matthew 26:26-28;
Auto Scripture: 
Verse 1
I take the bread of life
Broken for all my sin
Your body crucified
To make me whole again
Verse 2
I will recall the cup
Poured out in sacrifice
To trade this sinner's end
For Your new covenant
Chorus 1
I'll live my life in remembrance
Your promise I won't forget
Verse 3
I'll walk salvation's road
With fear and trembling
Your way borne as my own
As Christ is formed in me
Chorus 2
If ever I should lose my way
If ever I deny Your grace
Remind me of the price You paid
I'll live in remembrance
You've been so so good to me
You've been so so good to me
Oh to think where I would be
If not for You
If not for You
Chorus 3
As far as heights reach from the depths
As far as east is from the west
So far Your grace has carried me
Chorus 4
Until I see You face to face
Until at last I've won my race
Remind me You're not finished yet
Hallelujah I'll live in remembrance