All the Glory

CCLI Song Number 729555



Auto Scripture: 
Daniel 10:17; Psalm 68:24; Psalm 145:1; Romans 2:7; Romans 2:10; Revelation 4:9; Revelation 4:11; Revelation 7:12; Genesis 45:11; Acts 5:4; Psalm 45:6; Hebrews 1:8; Psalm 45:4;
My heart is full of admiration
For You, my Lord, my God and King.
Your excellence, my inspiration
Your words of grace have made my spirit sing.

You love what’s right and hate all evil
Therefore Your God sets You on high.
And on your head pours oil of gladness
While fragrance fills Your royal palaces.

All the glory, honor, and power
belong to You, belong to You.
Jesus, Savior, Anointed One,
I worship You, I worship You.

Your throne, O God, will last forever,
Justice will be Your royal decree.
In majesty, ride out victorious
For righteousness, truth and humility
729 555