Search Help

Basic Search

You can start a search from anywhere in by using the search bar on the top of the page (just under the web site title). Additionally, the "Search" tab (just under the image of the musical angels) will bring you to a page with a larger search bar. Enter your search into either and hit enter or click on the little magnifying glass to kick off the search.

Search By Keyword

Like with most websites, you can enter keywords, such as "great is our God" or "trials", into the search bar to find songs that use those words in their title or lyrics.

Search By Theme

Similarly to keywords, if you enter themes, such as "Trinity" or "Christmas", you can find songs tagged with those themes even if the song lyrics don't use those specific words.

Search By Scripture Reference

The best part of Word to Worship is that you can also search by scripture reference, such as "Phil 2:5-8" or "John 3:16", to find songs related to those verses. Results will include both songs that are tagged with those verses and also songs that are tagged with similar themes to the themes of those verses.

Search Results

Once the search is complete the results are displayed on the page with the most relevant songs listed at the top. You may click on any song title to view that song's details.

Additionally, if you are logged in, you can "star" songs to make them appear earlier in your future searches. See Stars help page for more on stars.

Advanced Search

By default the search will display content that matches all the words from the search

  • Quotes: "lift your name" (with the quotes) will find only content that uses that exact phrase instead of just includes those words anywhere in the song.
  • OR: Searching for "honor OR honour" (without the quotes) will find content about honor no matter whether it uses the English or American spelling.
  • Not (-): Searching for "honor -honour" means you would only like to view songs that use the American spelling.
  • Type: You can also restrict the search to a specific type of content such as song, page, article, or forum using, for example, "type:song" (omit the quotes).

Put it all together and you can find joyous Christmas songs, besides those performed by Chris Tomlin:
Christmas joy -tomlin OR "Luke 2:10" type:song