Want to help make better? There are many ways you can help out (and none of them require you to open your wallet!).

Tell Your Friends

First of all, spread the word! The more people that use Word to Worship, the better it will become. Like us on Facebook.

Star Songs

Create an account and add stars to songs. This helps you easily distinguish what songs you already know and we can use that data on what songs are most popular to return better search results for everyone.

Post To The Forum

Ask some questions on the forum, post some comments about what you find helpful or what could be better, or help answer other people's questions. All of that discussion will help improve the site.

Add And Update Songs

Is Word to Worship missing a great worship song? Add it yourself so others can enjoy. Or add some related scripture references or themes to an existing song to help make it easier to find. Or even just add your comment to a song saying how much you love it, or why you don't use it anymore, etc.

Tag Verses

Looking to seriously put in some time to help us out? Use the verse tagging page to add themes to Bible verses so when someone searches on that verse they can find songs with related themes. Learn more on the Tagging Help page.

Improve The Code

Do you have Drupal or SQL skills? Word to Worship could always use improvement to its internal code, especially in making searches faster. If you're a tech guru, I'd love to talk to you so please contact me.