Feature Request

Wondering if it's possible to add a search by CCLI number?

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Also wondering if it's possible to create a new tab called "New Songs" and then display any new tunes added to the database in last 30 days or so?

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If you search for the CCLI number, it should find the song if we have it. For example, searching for 6517898 results in Tomlin's Here's My Heart http://wordtoworship.com/song/15002

I don't have integration with CCLI's site to list songs that have NOT yet been added to Word to Worship. I could consider that if it'd be very useful.

For new songs, on most pages there is a Recent Songs block on the right side (or bottom for mobile) which shows the 10 most recently added songs. It wouldn't be too hard to make page version of that that lists more.

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I would love to have the ability to sort the results of a search alphabetically for comparison purposes to existing lists I have on file.