"Oh, song X would have been great today!"

Have you ever had the experience where once a service came together and upon hearing the sermon and the scripture readings you think of a song that would have fit perfectly?

I've had that many times, and as a worship leader and programmer I figured there must be a web site that could help. I didn't find one (and certainly not a free one). Reading the scripture ahead of time and racking your brain for songs that fit can help a lot, but even being in my 30s my memory isn't so great. So I created this site (with much help and encouragement).

Please try it out. You can search by keyword and even more fun, by scripture reference. It will find songs that quote those verses and those that match a similar theme. It's still up to you, the worship planner, to select the songs that will work best for your setting but the tedious part is done for you.

I also encourage you to register. Once doing so you can share your favorite songs with everyone else and even "star" songs you want to show up first in any searches.

Please feel free to contact me or post your comments or suggestions on the forum (coming soon). I hope this site helps you and adds to your worship of our amazing Lord Jesus Christ.

-Steve Partlow