Learning to Walk

Today WordToWorship.com celebrates its first birthday and it's been an exciting year. We launched on November 19, 2011 at the NJ JAM conference for worship leaders. Since then we've added over 750 songs, tagged hundreds of Bible verses, and added 75 new registered users. Naturally, the site has had some growing pains throughout the year and I'm sure there'll be more as it continues to grow but I've had a lot of help and encouragement from many people.

Special thanks goes to Claire Partlow her tireless work in tagging hundreds (or is it thousands?) of Bible verses and songs and her vision to get this project started, to Raquel Young for pointing out countless bugs and providing lots of feedback, and to my wife, Jennn, for proofing my posts and graciously giving me the hundreds of hours to put this site together in the last couple years. Also to Wayne MacCrory, Heidi Swanson, Pastor Adam Wiegand and Sandra Turner for their ideas and encouragement and to the whole NJ JAM team for their support in launching the site one year ago.

In the future I hope to add a lot more to the site as it grows up. Naturally, I'd like to see more songs, more tags, and more users added. Adding integration with other sites would be great such as allowing users login via Facebook and possibly a way to integrate with Planning Center Online. Also I'd like to address various user suggestions such as adding a Catholic lectionary and a reverse search where you can find the weeks where a given song best fits.

So as this little project finds it legs, please post your suggestions or feedback on the forum or directly to me via the contact page and help WordToWorship.com into a full gallop.