O For A Thousand Songs To Sing

In 1738 Charles Wesley longed for "a thousand tongues" in order to sing our "great Redeemer’s praise." He was joined in 2007 by David Crowder who added a chorus which beckons, "so come on and sing out." And now we can sing out even more as WordToWorship.com has a thousand songs to assist in those praises.

The thousandth song in our database is another cover of a classic hymn. Here The Welcome Wagon covers The Strife Is O'er but uses an original tune on this Easter hymn which gives a more personal feel than the majestic traditional version. Interestingly, on the same album, The Welcome Wagon also covers a song written by David Crowder called Remedy; again using a brand new tune to add sweetness to the original.

And so at this milestone for WordToWorship.com my hope is that we can use these songs—both new and old—to point to Jesus. In the words of these three, "he is the one who embraced us" and that "tis music in the sinner's ears" so "let shouts of holy joy outburst." Alleluia!