Loving Kindness

CCLI Song Number 5118683


Psalm 17:8, 72:17;
Auto Scripture: 
2 Samuel 22:50; Psalm 30:12; Psalm 25:7; Proverbs 8:4; Psalm 41:4; Acts 10:33; Psalm 73:24; Psalm 25:5; Psalm 23:3; Genesis 2:11; Genesis 2:13; Genesis 2:14; Genesis 4:26; Genesis 4:17; Isaiah 43:9; Psalm 34:8; 1 Peter 2:3; Isaiah 9:6; Psalm 100:5;
Verse 1
I will give thanks unto you Lord
For you are good your loving kindness
Never ends
I raise my hands
You heal my soul
Here in the presence of the Lord
My heart's restored
And you guide me in the paths of righteousness
And you hide in the shadow of your hand
I rest in you

Blessed be the name of the Lord
I'm my father's child forever more
You eard every cry, you broke every chain
You alone delivered me
The son of God He reigns on the throne
King of Kings let all the nations know
That the Lord is good
And His mercy endures forever

Verse 2
My prince of peace
You lifted me
Where everything that's named is placed
Under your feet
And may my praises be as incense to you Lord
And may my worship be a sweet fragrance
To you alone my king

(Repeat Chorus)

For the Lord is good and His mercy endures
Forever and ever

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