God's Highway


Auto Scripture: 
Job 23:10; Psalm 1:6; Mark 9:36; Isaiah 40:11; Song of Solomon 2:17; Song of Solomon 4:6; Job 21:33; Isaiah 57:6; Psalm 23:4; Ezekiel 47:10; Ezra 5:16;
My feet are strong, my eyes are clear
I cannot see the way from here
But on we go, He knows the way
And in His arms, He keeps me safe.
Fear not, keep on, watch and pray
Walk in the light of God's highway
The shadows flee, The valley is deep
But evil cannot conquer me
Your rod and staff, They protect me
You give me rest, You give me peace
I see the shore, from troubled seas
This tiny ship that carries me
It is not yet, But it will be
So heaven come, It's you we need
I'm holding onto you, Lord
You're holding onto me...
I'm holding onto you, Love
You're holding onto me...