Give You Faith

CCLI Song Number 7081695


Auto Scripture: 
I see your tiny face
Your fingers wrapped in mine
I wonder how I'll raise
this precious gift of life
I'd give you all my money
but you can't buy what you need
I'd show you all the world
but more than anything

I wanna give you faith
I wanna leave you hope
That you would know a love that
never lets you go
More than wisdom or wealth
More than happiness or health
May you say I gave you faith

I'm gonna let you down
I'm gonna disappoint
But there's a love I found
that's sturdy in the storm
The very God who formed you
gives grace enough for us
And though I won't be perfect
I'll teach you to trust


Oh and there will come a day
when you question everything
and the very ground beneath you
starts to shake
And all that I can offer
is a prayer from far away
to the One who's never left you

That He will give you faith
He'll give you hope
He'll be the love that will never let you go
More than wisdom and wealth
More than happiness and health
May you say I gave you faith
May you say I gave you faith
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