Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty

CCLI Song Number 21480


Revelation 4:8;
Auto Scripture: 
Psalm 8:1; Psalm 8:9; 1 Samuel 17:46; 1 Samuel 24:20; Psalm 145:4; Revelation 4:8; Revelation 17:8; Psalm 112:9; Numbers 7:88; Numbers 7:17; Numbers 7:23; Numbers 7:29; Numbers 7:35; Job 33:4; Psalm 119:50;
Father in heaven, how we love you; We lift your name in all the earth. May your kingdom be established in your praises, as your people declare your mighty works. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come; Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who reigns forever more.

Father of mercy, be exalted; May Jesus' name be lifted high, for the sacrifice of love has won my pardon, and His resurrection power gives me life.
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