Husband not happy with my shape

My husband is not happy with my shape. After delivery, I gained weight and I'm not able to burn the fat deposited on my hip, thighs, and arms. The extra fat has caused my stomach to look bigger. He says I look fatty and asked me to go to gym. I have been hitting the gym for the past 6 months but I'm not able to feel any differences. My belly looks like I’m 7th month pregnant. I'm just fed up with all these diets and regular exercise. I'm afraid of falling into depression. Already my husband is pressuring me and that is hurting me a lot. I don't know what more should I do. I’ve been in search of diet and exercise books to find the cause. But my weight and belly just keeps growing. I have researched and saw about liposuction surgery ( ). Is it safe to undergo this procedure? If so, I'm planning to schedule an appointment at a cosmetic surgery centre in Barrie for liposuction. Will this surgery be of any help? I want to be loved by my husband. Please help!!