Duplicate Songs

Not to add to your workload, but every now and then I run across a few duplicates on certain songs. Wondering if it's possible to add a warning when the same song title is entered? Obviously, I realize that many songs can have the same name, but if the composer is different, it's probably NOT the same song. Having said that however, there is one condition that most likely (in fact, PROBABLY) indicates the same song and that's when the title AND the CCLI number match. In that case you could handle it by displaying a message to the user that says this song is already in the database - would you like to suggest an edit? This would allow entering additional information like composer correction/addition or addition scripture references and tags.

I bring up this scenario because I happened to look up "The Same Love" and noticed it's in the database twice, both with the same CCLI number. The differences I noticed include that one entry attributes Baloche as the lone composer and the other correctly attributes Michael Rossback as a co-composer. In addition, one has additional manually entered scripture plus the auto scripture. What also seemed odd to me was that while both had the same CCLI number, one included copyright info and the other didn't. I thought that when the CCLI number is entered, it pulls that data off the SongSelect site.

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Thanks. Yeah, that would be good. Right now I don't have a hook in the save processing (that code is all built in from the software I use) but I'm sure it would be possible and useful. So far I've usually addressed this my occasionally looking through the All Songs page and noticing dups that way. But built-in would be nicer.

As for the author and copyright differences, CCLI changes their website from time to time which then breaks me. I actually just re-coded to get it working again. So that's likely why the copyright was wrong.